Zest for Life

I've always said and have been told that I have a zest for life, I just love living, being me, and feeling free. My biggest fear in life is not to be living ym life to the fullest and my Eating Disorder is that exact fear.

Living life to the fullest to me means living fearless and free

Fearless and free from my eating disorder,

From society's views, wants, and opinions

It means being true to myself and following my heart

It means finding the good in everything, even in the bad

It means going on my own path even when the whole group takes another one

It means finding and living out my passion

It means feeling and spreading joy

It is nowhere near perfect

Rather it's raw, vulnerable, hopeful, real, & authentic

There's ups and downs, goods and bads

But the ups are higher than the lows and the goods are greater than the bad

It's strong rooted in faith

The faith gets watered every day

It continues to grow, be stronger, and conquer anything in its path that tries to steer it in a different direction

It means speaking kindly and compassionately to others and myself

It means having a voice and not being scared to use it

It means being positive to myself, life and others

It means nourishing my body and my soul

Cutting out whatever or whoever no longer serves me

It's living my ideal life

The sails may change direction

But the sailboat will stay afloat

It will not tip over

It will not drown

It will live

Live with a

Zest for Life

No Retreat No Surrender


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