Thanksgiving/holiday post #7 Topic: the next day

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I talked about the before and during in my holiday posts but it’s also important to talk about the after. First, congratulations you made it through Thanksgiving! Second, happy Friday!! Today is a new day. A new day to fuel your body, follow your meal plan, and enjoy life. Yesterday is in the past. There is no reason for any guilt, shame, compensating, restricting, and anything else in a disordered mindset because of what you ate yesterday. Yesterday is done and today is here. Today is a new day to kick ED’s ass and I have all the faith in you, that you will! This is my dinner plate from last night and I also enjoyed appetizers, wine, and dessert of carrot cake, apple pie, and pumpkin bread! I enjoyed the holiday with my family and I’m happy to have new healthy holiday memories compared to the past year. I hope you have a fabulous Friday!

No Retreat No Surrender


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