Thanksgiving/holiday post #5 Topic: fear of food

Fear of food is an extreme when living with an eating disorder. Most of us have a list of good and bad foods and the good foods are safe and the bad foods are not, they’re scary and there’s a fear behind eating them. Most of the fear is if we eat x food we will gain weight, or be fat, or whatever is scary in ones eating disorder. The problem with the fear is we need food, we can’t avoid it in order to survive. Facing food fears seems even scarier and to be honest it is, BUT facing food fears is also so releasing, therapeutic, and necessary in order to truly live. If we continue to live our lives with these food fears we will never end up truly living because like I said we can’t avoid food. When it comes to the holidays there maybe some food that scares you, I challenge you to try to have some of it. Sometimes I find there ends up being no fear the second I have one bite, other times it takes a lot of times to have the food to get over the fear. Either way I encourage you to challenge yourself and take a step forward into challenging your food fears. It’s also a great time to do so when you’re surrounded by loved ones who love and support you. There is no time like the present!

No Retreat No Surrender


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