Thanksgiving/holiday post #4 Topic: compensating

Compensating was a big thing in my eating disorder whether it be burning calories to earn x amount of calories or not eating before things like thanksgiving dinner to avoid more or extra calories. Compensating makes us believe we need to earn our calories in some way or we can’t have x amount of calories. You don’t need to earn calories or burn calories to intake calories. You need calories to survive and LIVE. Calories = enjoyable and yummy foods and liquids, but calories also = social events and memories. When we compensate for food we’re compensating for a lot more. In serious matters were compensating for our health and well-being. We’re compensating moments of our lives, memories, and events or activities. This holiday season I encourage you to stop the compensating in order to truly and fully enjoy life. You don’t need to compensate before eating Thanksgiving dinner or a holiday meal or dessert. Focus on the moment rather than the calories. When it’s over focus on the memories rather than compensating for them. Compensating is like making yourself always less than 100% yourself, your best and who wants to do that... I’m pretty sure no one. It’s time to stop the compensating and start truly living this holiday season.

No Retreat No Surrender


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