Thanksgiving/holiday post #3 Topic: comparing

I’ve discussed comparing in different aspects on posts before and this post is focusing on comparing food during the holiday season. In recovery one of the easiest things to compare and get lost in is food. It’s easy to compare our plate size to the person next and across from us. It’s easy to compare how much they ate off their plate versus your own. Comparing is hard because it’s so easy. It’s right in front of you. For this holiday season, I would like you to remind yourself of what journey you’re on. Recovery in food comparing has taught me that everyone is on their own path and has their own requirements for that path. Right now recovery could mean following a meal plan and clearing your plate. This is also a temporary phase in order to get back to your “Normal” and healthy eating habits. Reminding myself of my needs is different than others has helped me a lot in comparing. Sometimes my food meant eating more than others, sometimes it meant eating more often than others. Whatever the situation is just trying to remind yourself that everyone is on their own journey. When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner and holiday meals focus on what you need to do for you versus what other people are doing. We’re all doing the same thing which is doing what we need to do for ourselves and our bodies. Take a breathe. Have fun. AND Quit the comparing. Just BE YOUUUU💖

No Retreat No Surrender


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