Thanksgiving/holiday post #2 Topic: eating & meal plan

An eating disorder causes anxiety and stress around events involving food such as holidays. Thanksgiving particularly usually has a big focus on food. While I think all the food is yummy and delicious it’s a hard topic when you have an eating disorder. It’s tough to be social and ignore the food topic as well as making sure you’re following your meal plan. Today I’m giving my tips on how to handle the food at thanksgiving or any holiday event. Make sure to leave your own tips in the comments! First, the best thing a recovery friend ever told me @nourishingnatalie was “food is food, a meal is a meal, a snack is a snack, and a calorie is a calorie”. I love this because even though there’s so much emphasis on thanksgiving dinner it’s just food! It’s food shared with more of your family and it’s a social gathering focused on what we’re grateful for. My biggest tip is to treat thanksgiving dinner like any other dinner. What I mean is follow your meal plan, eat to satiation and satisfaction, and enjoy the company! Don’t make the event bigger or more focused on food than it already is. Treating thanksgiving dinner like another dinner takes some stress off your shoulders. You don’t need to stuff your plate and freak yourself out, and you don’t need to compensate with eating or burning calories before or after. I know how hard it is to follow your meal plan specifically at the food event of the holiday so my tips are to make sure you eat well before the event and pack snacks! I’ve had events when I knew I didn’t follow my meal plan at the event so I made sure I would eat when I get home to finish the day following my meal Plan. Snacks are great to bring with you anywhere and eat at any time you’re hungry, even if others aren’t. Enjoy the thanksgiving food and the dessert. Remember you’re allowed to enjoy the food and more importantly the company. Always use your meal plan as a guideline and try to focus on your hunger and fullness cues, if you can. Remember Thanksgiving is more about the food and be thankful for recovery❤️

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