"Normal" Eating - Nutrition Group - July 1st

When I hear the phrase "normal eating" I think of a person who follows their hunger cues and cravings. They eat what they want and when they want. They aren't focused on the amount of calories 24/7 or planning and measuring every little aspect to the "t".

This doesn't mean they neglect their body, but rather they listen to it and make the best decision for themselves and their body. They don't look at food as good or bad in terms of their diet and body but rather on preferences. When they eat they eat how much they feel their body needs.

Some days they're hungrier than others/ Some times they may eat past fullness. They don't feel guilt with food. They adapt to the stations with good and life schedules,

They eat at their own pace.nThey enjoy their good for nutrition and health but also for satisfaction for their soul. They don't fear food or have fears around food. They listen to themselves and their body. They trust themselves and their body.

No Retreat No Surrender. JR

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