How to deal with unintentional triggering comments

Day 252:

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how to deal with unintentional triggering or hurtful comments relating to body and food.I still struggle with this and that’s simply because with growing in recovery a comment could have no effect on me now, but hurt me in five minutes.

All I can offer is tips and tricks that have helped me! 1. Have Grace - remember that people aren’t trying to hurt you. Your eating disorder is hearing what they’re saying and turning it into hurtful comments. The person saying the words means well and would never want to hurt you. 2. Respond with a positive fact - my dad has suggested to me to say I feel good when people tell me I look good and this has helped greatly! It shuts down my eating disorder because I already differed the comment that my eating disorder could use against me and it helps me focus on the true and positive! 3. Remember your journey - in terms of food comments I remind myself everyone is on their own journey and recovery is mine. Everyone has different needs for their body in general and recovery for anorexia nervosa usually requires more on your plate and more work! That doesn’t mean your needs are invalid they’re just different right now and that’s perfectly okay!!

I hope these three little tips and tricks help! When I think of more I’ll be sure to share. No Retreat No Surrender. JR

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