Day 116 - June 24th

Crazy to think June is on its' way out . Happy Monday! Today doesn't seem too busy because of no workout this morning. We have a client's graduation today. I'm thankful for all the clients here. I got my vitals done and got weighted today. I'm hoping the scale is moving in the right and healthy direction. Today is supposed to be 83 degrees and sunny which is nice for me feel "beauty" at residential. I'm always in beach vibes 24/6 365 because that's my soul.

Today's plans are basically groups, community meeting and pre contract meeting, and nutrition group. I have my gold tassel earring on today and i'm feeling special for myself. I want to get in touch with my Delaware therapist and my recovery friends to touch base with them. it's hard in the sense of staying in touch with people with not having a phone because of limited time to email and call but at the same time it's nice of not needing to constantly update people.

I do enjoy how this house is aesthetically pleasing and has a lot of my favorite colors like coral, white, and blue. Breakfast this morning was french toast with cinnamon and syrup and some cantaloupe. The french toast was those frozen stick like ones but they were pretty good. I'm not a big french toast person but I was happy to enjoy these. I was also happy to have syrup because that's another fear. My snacks today are a banana with nutella, surprise lunch snack, and this evening is ice cream sundae challenge.

I'm outside now journaling and chatting with other clients and recovery coaches. I started the 8 keys book which monte nido uses in reference with a workbook. I'm thankful for all these eating disorder tools to use because it is a process. It's funny how we openly discuss digestion here and how frequently we are going to the bathroom because we're all in discomfort.

We had a client's graduation today and I hope when it's my graduation that I feel connected within my soul, proud of my journey, and motivated to continue my journey of recovery with soulfulness, faith, and life. To future me on that day I am proud of you and I know you appreciated this journey and needed it more than you ever knew, you are beautiful inside and out and most importantly your soul is is too.

Lunch today was a chicken caesar wrap with fries and watermelon. I sat outside with the warmth of the sun and read some of the 8 keys book before we had community and contract meeting. Tomorrow will determine what I get for on what I requested for this weeks contract. My surprise snack today was a maple sugar pop-tart which was very yummy and I never had that flavor before.

I read an article about Jackie Kennedy from the NYTimes that an RC printed out for me to read. I did some coloring in the coloring book my mom bought for me in Delaware that is faith based which I really appreciate.

We got a new client today and it's weird to think that un over a week of me being here two girls are leaving / left and two new girls have come. It just goes to show how true the need for help is. I'm focusing on this retreat idea I have for myself being here and bettering myself. I'm going to cherish the time here as much I can, not because it's easy but because there's no predicted time or deadline time for how long I will be here, only time will tell.

Tonight two clients are doing shop and cook which is a privilege you can receive where you decide a recipe for dinner and you go to the grocery store with the dietitian, cook, and portion the meal for everyone. I'm excited to see what the two clients make this week since it is my first shop and cook experience. Dinner was strawberries, chips and guacamole that had mandarin oranges in it, with a panini that had turkey bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheese, and chicken, it was delicious!

I had chocolate and strawberry ice cream with whip cream and rainbow sprinkles for the ice cream sundae challenge. I chatted with my mom on Facebook messenger and some of my family and friends as well. The lunch outing got moved to Wednesday this week instead of Tuesday so tomorrow should be interesting with how they rework the schedule.

I'm forgetting being here that I graduated college and there is no going back to school for me like some other clients here are. It is a freeing feeling though to know that I graduated with an eating disorder and being in recovery and not having to finish my last semester in the fall.

No Retreat No Surrender


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