COVID-19 Retreat: Journaling

Recently, on my Instagram I have been discussing how journaling has helped me throughout life and especially in the last year of my life in recovery. Today I decided to share how I journal and some journaling topics.

My Routine

My journal routine is to write each day and get whatever I'm feeling inside onto paper. I like to start in the morning in order to be aware of how I am feeling about the day and let go of anything that is bothering me. At this time I also like to think of what I want to accomplish and challenge myself to for the day. Lately in quarantine, these challenges and goals I set are certain workouts, reading time, prayer time, and any tasks I want to do. I also read my daily devotions and mediations in the morning and if one sticks with me I will write them down or dive deeper into the topic.

I've found my morning journaling important because it helps me set the ground for the day and determine anything that's already bothering me and how I can explore that and be mindful of it throughout the day.

During the day I will journal whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I journal when I feel anxious or stressed or something becomes present in my life. Other times I just like to write down what I've accomplished, learned, or challenged myself to and how it made me feel.

Journaling allows me to be aware of what I'm feeling and doing in life and reflect on how I am or can grow from it. I don't put any limitations on topics or lengths of entries, it's a freeing, reflecting, and growing activity, not an assignment.

Suggested Topics

Although I don't' always dive into topic journal entries there are some days where I do think of topics I want to write about. Topics are a good way to explore memories or what you're feeling and dreaming of. If you don't know where to begin, journaling topics can really help with getting you started.

  • What happiness means to you

  • Your biggest dream

  • One thing you need to start doing

  • One thing you need to stop doing

  • Describe your perfect day

  • Where you want to be in five years

  • How you would like to be described

  • Favorite memory

  • Favorite quote

  • What's holding you back from living your dream

  • 10 things you love about myself

  • 10 things you love about the world

  • Your best qualities

  • Your favorite qualities in others

  • Dream vacation

  • Your biggest challenge

  • Your favorite part of the day

  • Your favorite place

  • Where do you find purpose in life

  • Which culture is most fascinating to you

  • Secrets you keep

  • A silly thing you remember

  • Favorite childhood book

  • One thing you can't stop talking about

  • Your role model

  • Someone you wish you could meet or talk to (dead or alive)

  • Advice to younger you

  • A letter to future you

Discover Journaling

The beauty of journaling is there are many different ways to journal. You can try all different kinds of methods out there or create your own, all that matters if you enjoy it and find it helpful in your life. Grab a notebook and a pen and get to it.


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