COVID-19 Retreat

I've discussed in other posts and in conversation with those in my life how when I was in residential treatment for my eating disorder I decided to shift my mindset and tell myself I was on a Retreat. The retreat beside being in recovery I decided would be a time for me to dive deep into my soul, connect, discover, and learn.

Looking back shifting my mindset helped me open doors and made my residential treatment experience even more meaningful. I was able to reconnect with nature, dive deeper into my faith, write down my inner thoughts and connect with the words on the page, learn more about myself, and overall have this time of pause from everything else besides this retreat.

With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, I have expressed how I have found parallels to the social distancing and my residential experience. At first, these parallels felt very odd because I never thought I would feel what I felt in residential, out of residential. After these past weeks of journaling, therapy sessions, and allowing myself to feel what I needed to, and think and process what I needed to, I discovered how this past experience of residential helps me now.

Yesterday, I listened to The BoF Podcast: Riz Ahmend on a Watersehd Moment for the Fashion Industry. While this podcast discussed how COVID-19 causes the fashion industry to look into how things are now in the industry and decide what they want to change, it also discussed people themselves changing, consumer changes, and overall having this pause and retreat.

This pause due to COVID-19 has been described as poetic, biblical paver of life, and retreat around the world. While there is so much fear and unknown in the world there is also this time to pause and look into our lives and our souls. Over the next few posts, I'm going to dive deeper into specific topics and activities that can help you guide yourself on this retreat. The important thing about going on this COVID-19 Retreat is to remember that it is your own. The focus of your retreat is YOU. Learn more about yourself, discover what makes your soul happy, what doesn't make your soul happy, and be able to take what you've learned in this pause and make sustainable changes in your life.

I hope you will join me on this COVID-19 Retreat and please feel free to comment on any topics, suggestions, and activities you want to dive deeper into during this time.

No Retreat No Surrender


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