Body Image In recovery

Studies and doctors around the world have said that body image is the last thing to go in eating disorder recovery. To my fellow ED warriors, you know that hearing this hurts because it’s one of the hardest things to deal with.

Body image, unfortunately, affects a lot of aspects of life and recovery. It can make you think about your food more, want to participate in behaviors, be depressed, fear weight gain, and so much more. Something I’ve learned throughout my recovery is every day I may not be happy with my body and to an extent, it’s okay to have those moments but I can’t let them affect my recovery. Just because I’m not happy with how I look one day doesn’t mean I now don’t eat etc. Body image is a difficult wave to ride, but you can ride it out. I try to remind myself of other things about myself not related to my body that I love when I have poor body image days as well as remind myself to be grateful for what my body is allowing me to do, live. Every morning I think of three-body things I’m grateful for and three none-body things. Starting my day off with these 6 things I started in my residential treatment and I’ve found it’s great because I have 6 things I said I love about myself that I can pull on throughout the day when needed.

P.S. yes that is my mugshot license picture..... hehehe

What do you do to cope with poor body image?

No Retreat No Surrender. JR

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