A Day In My Life When I am Recovered - June 25th (8 Keys Assignment)

After a restful nights sleep I wakeup before sunrise. I wakeup feeling fresh, thankful, and grateful to be alive. I make a cup of coffee and I inhale every scent of it was it fills the kitchen's morning air. I take my coffee and head to the beach. I sit in the cold sand as the warm mug in my hands now feels as if it's warming my whole body.

I dig my toes in the sand feeling how soft is is and the drop of temperature as my toes go down deeper into the sand, I'm looking out at the ocean, starring at the small circle of color that's beginning to rise above the clear blue water.

My ears are listening to the waves slowly crashing on the shore as they send peaceful and calming vibes throughout my whole body. I take a sip of my hot black morning coffee and taste the dark roast bitterness that sends my tastebuds such joy.

I sit there alone on the beach. It's just me, my life, God, and the beauty of the world awakening for another day. I'm not in a rush or having racing thoughts, rather i'm just living and feeling free. I sit there surrounded by the beauty of nature. I'm mindful of how i'm feeling and i'm begin to talk to God about how I feel. I ask God for what I need help with and thank him for everything he has blessed me with, including this moment.

I return home and do some morning journaling, have a workout to move and love my body - not destroy it. I prepare a nourishing breakfast for myself and listen to my body on what it's craving - rather than based on calories or categorizing food into good and bad categories.

I continue with my day and L I V E without ED.



No Retreat No Surrender. JR

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