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University of Delaware 2019 alumna with a BS in Apparel Design & a BS in Fashion Merchandising. Lover of fashion, the beach, travel, & healthy living. 

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Current Work

Currently, I am searching for a role in the Fashion Industry as an Assistant Designer or an Assistant Merchandiser in NYC. I was laid off at the end of August due to COVID-19. I was working at HaddadBrands as an Assistant Designer for Levi's Girls Tops in New York City. Above is my collection project I created for HaddadBrands during my interview process.


While I am embarking on my job search I am continuing to design and create. I am also currently interning at Baci Fashion in Brooklyn,NY as a Social Media, Marketing & eCommerce Intern. Finally, I am creating my own blog posts as well as selling some of my designs and creations,

New Arrivals

Recent Blogposts

Camelot - UD Senior Collection

Featured above is my senior collection for my Apparel Design degree, Fash484 class. My collection was debuted on May 4th, 2019 at the University of Delaware's Syngery Fashion Group Fashion show. You can read more about Synergy here and see more of my senior collection process and completion here




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